Your Ultimate Guide to Festival Fashion

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24th October 2016 | Written by Natalia


It’s almost music festival season in Australia. This means it’s time to start planning your outfits so you will be ready for a few magical days in the sun. I have compiled a few of my favourite looks thanks to PUTIIK to prepare you for all the elements!

Off the shoulder tops

One of spring’s hottest trends. From tops to dresses to sweaters this trend is everywhere! The off the shoulder trend is perfect for a festival, particularly if you pair it with the right garments and accessories. Try an off the shoulder top with some ripped shorts and boots for a sexy, edgy vibe. Don’t forget a floppy hat and a matching mag!

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Channel your inner Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid with this popular accessory that’s making a huge come back! The choker is all about 90’s grunge and cool-girl vibes. The choker is versatile because it doesn’t interfere with your outfit and there’s a style to suit every look! For a statement look, wear a stack of chokers or go for a leather wrapped-up look. For extra bling, add a charm or use a thicker band.

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This girly fabric also received quiet a comeback this season. The key to making lace look stylish, and avoid looking like a doily, is to mix it up with something edgy. Mix lace with ripped denim, metallics or try it in a new colour! Black and nude lace is very ‘in’ this season so pick the colour that accentuates your best features.

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Statement sunglasses

A small accessory with a big statement. Sunglasses come in many exaggerated shapes and styles. Mirrored lenses, crazy cat-eye shapes or retro round frames – there’s a style for every outfit. For a festival, pick up a bold coloured mirrored pair. It looks great in photographs!

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Summer is the season of colour, bold patterns and prints! The dark, monotone palette of winter is suddenly replaced with vivid florals, patterns, polka dots and paisley. Whether you want to go all out or stick to one statement print piece, make sure you include it in your wardrobe this festival season.

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