The Perfect Outfit by Saara-Samantha

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16th September 2016 | Written by Saara-Samantha

Perfect outfit saara

How to put together the perfect outfit? Well let me tell you.

The first thing you need to do is to organise your closet. Get rid of everything you do not like anymore and focus on clothes that are comfortable and YOU like. You know what they say: if you like it, wear it!

I would describe my style as very simple but with a little twist. It always depends on my mood. I like to play with colors, however I also love all-black outfits. Sometimes I would just go with a pair of jeans and leather jacket, but there are days when I prefer to mix different styles together. I love when people look unique and have their own twist in it.

The perfect outfit is something that makes you feel amazing and powerful. You should not dress up similar to your classmates and colleagues just because you do not want to stand out, or you are afraid of being overdressed. There is no such thing as overdressed or overeducated, like Oscar Wilde once said. It is beautiful if you feel good about yourself through fashion.

I personally think people should be proud to be seen and proud to look good. Do not dress to impress but dress to express. It all starts with loving yourself. So this is my suggestion how to put together a perfect outfit. You do you. If you like that long dress and you like to wear it with sneakers – then do it. That is your own twist, and you should wear it just like that because you feel good in that outfit – and that is all that matters.