Scandinavian Spring Chic

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29th August 2016 | Written by Natalia

Scandinavian spring chic

Scandinavian women understand spring chic. From flowing fabrics to relaxed ripped denim they know exactly how to style their outfit.

With endless options available to us it is easy to become overwhelmed. Every corner of a fashion store is filled with different styles; florals, urban chic, denim and plaid. Where do we start and what will suit our personal style?

Secret is, you need to stick to a few simple rules. Scandinavian spring chic is easier to master than you think!

1. Invest in statement accessories

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Dressing chic means looking clean and polished. The great thing about wearing basics is there are no limits to accessories! Statement pieces look incredible over a simple base with a neutral colour palette. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, the chunkier the necklace, the better!

2. Pick no more than three colours at a time

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This is my favourite fashion rule. Why? Because it’s incredibly easy and you can never go wrong. Picking just three colours creates a polished look that’s effortless and chic. Even if you’re mixing patterns or prints—as long you keep to three colours, it will seem intentional. This could even include a bright lipstick as an additional colour! Dressing to this rule also helps narrow down your options when you’re picking outfits in a rush.

3. Layer, layer, layer

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When assembled correctly, layering is super trendy and a must in spring! With temperatures dropping in the evening, throwing on a few extra pieces will save you from the chill. In the office, add an extra layer of warmth between a button-front blouse and a jacket with a funnel-neck knit. Choose a sleeveless knit to avoid bulking up at the arms and wear it with a cropped jacket.

4. Mix tailored with casual

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Turn your outfit into an effortless ensemble by adding a little bit of casual flavour. Soften up your stiff office look with a scarf softly draped over your blouse. The key here is not to look perfect. Another option is to roll up your sleeves instead of buttoning them up or loosely tucking in your blouse.

5. Embrace the classics

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What is the easiest way to make your spring outfit look chic? Throw a blazer over it! Key classic pieces like blazers, tailored pants or a great pair of boots go a long way. Best of all, these classic pieces match easily so you never have to stress over your outfit.

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